Tropicals Catalogue

Tropicals Catalogue

213 products


    View a small part of Alberta's best selection of tropicals here. Please visit us in-store to purchase. The website does not indicate current availability; call 780-467-7557 for current stock.

    *Products may not be exactly as shown. Prices may vary in-store.
    213 products
    Adenia viridiflora
    Adromischus marianae var. immaculatus
    Agave toumeyana var. bella
    Alocasia 'Bisma'
    Alocasia 'Black Velvet'
    Alocasia 'Frydek'
    Alocasia 'Imperial Red'
    Alocasia 'Maharani'
    Alocasia 'Mayan Mask'
    Alocasia 'Metal Head'
    Alocasia cuprea
    Alocasia scalprum
    Aloe 'Doran Black'
    Aloinopsis rubrolineata
    Anthurium 'Livium'
    Anthurium 'Water Dragon'
    Anthurium clarinervium
    Anthurium radicans
    Arrowhead Vine 'Berry Allusion'
    Arrowhead Vine 'Bob Allusion'
    Arrowhead Vine 'Gold Allusion'
    Arrowhead Vine 'Mango Allusion'
    Arrowhead Vine 'Strawberry Cream'
    Arrowhead Vine 'White Butterfly'
    Avonia quinaria
    Baseball Plant
    Birdsnest Snake Plant 'Laurentii'
    Blue Torch Cactus
    Boston Fern 'Fluffy Ruffles'
    Bush Lily (Clivia)
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    Butterwort 'Blush'
    Caladium 'Hilo Beauty'
    Caladium 'Magnificum'
    Calathea 'Dottie'
    Calathea 'Freddie'
    Calathea 'Network'
    Calathea 'Tropistar'
    Calathea 'Yellow Fusion'

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    BioFish 3-1-2
    Coconut Husk Chunks & Fibre 3L
    Dyna-Gro Orchid-Pro 7-8-6
    Kelp Boost 0-0-5
    Large Clay Pellets (LECA) 3L
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