Collector Tropicals

Collector Tropicals

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    Look here for an awesome selection of the rarest and most unique tropicals that are sought-after by plant collectors.

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    66 products
    Adenia viridiflora
    Adromischus marianae var. immaculatus
    Alocasia 'Bisma'
    Alocasia 'Black Velvet'
    Alocasia 'Frydek'
    Alocasia 'Maharani'
    Alocasia cuprea
    Alocasia scalprum
    Anthurium clarinervium
    Anthurium radicans
    Avonia quinaria
    Baseball Plant
    Butterwort 'Blush'
    Caladium 'Hilo Beauty'
    Caladium 'Magnificum'
    Calathea 'Yellow Fusion'
    Celebes Pepper
    Chinese Evergreen 'Tricolor'
    Coelogyne cristata
    Dragon's Tail
    Elephant Tree
    Ficus triangularis 'Variegata'
    Ficus umbellata
    Fockea edulis
    Geo Plant
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    Giant Starfish Flower
    Hawaiian Palm
    Haworthia maughanii x truncata
    Hoya 'Mathilde'
    Hoya elliptica
    Hoya imperialis
    Hoya kanyakumariana
    Hoya kerrii 'Aureomarginata'
    Hoya pubicalyx 'Royal Hawaiian'
    Hoya sigillatis
    Lifesaver Plant
    Madagascar Palm
    Medinilla 'Florinilla Arosa'
    Medinilla 'Florinilla Magic'

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    Large Clay Pellets (LECA) 3L
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