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    View a small part of our selection of seeds available in-season. Please note, seed is not currently available in-store or online.

    *Please note: ALL seed sold at garden centres in Canada is non-GMO. Pricing may vary in-store.
    229 products
    Acorn Squash Seeds - Mashed Potatoes
    Amaranth Seeds - Red Leaf
    Arugula Seeds
    Asparagus Seeds - Viking
    Basil Seeds - Kitchen Blend
    Basil Seeds - Red Rubin
    Basil Seeds - Sweet
    Beet Seed Tape - Boltardy
    Beet Seed Tape - Detroit Dark Red
    Beet Seeds - Cylindra Formanova
    Beet Seeds - Dolce di Chioggia
    Beet Seeds - Early Wonder Tall Top
    Beet Seeds - Golden Detroit
    Beet Seeds - Mix
    Broccoli Seeds - Early Purple
    Broccoli Seeds - Green Sprouting
    Broccoli Seeds - Ramoso Calabrese
    Brussels Sprouts Seeds - Catskill
    Bush Bean Seeds - Cassoulet
    Bush Bean Seeds - Ferrari
    Bush Bean Seeds - Golden Teepee
    Bush Bean Seeds - Improved Golden Wax
    Bush Bean Seeds - Tendergreen
    Buttercup Squash Seeds - Burgess Buttercup
    Buttercup Squash Seeds - Shokichi Red Mini
    Cabbage Seeds - Capriccio
    Cabbage Seeds - Copenhagen Market 2
    Cabbage Seeds - Early Copenhagen Market
    Cabbage Seeds - Integro
    Cabbage Seeds - Tiara
    Cactus Seeds - Indoor Mix
    Carrot Seed Tape - Scarlet Nantes
    Carrot Seeds - Atlas
    Carrot Seeds - Rainbow Blend
    Carrot Seeds - Resistafly F1
    Carrot Seeds - Tenderlong Imperator
    Catgrass Seeds
    Catnip Seeds
    Cauliflower Seeds - Romanesco Natalino
    Cauliflower Seeds - Verdi

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    Click here for indoor seeding dates for annuals and perennials on the Prairies.

    Click here for seeding dates for vegetables.

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