Low Light Tropicals

Low Light Tropicals

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    Not much light? No problem! This collection contains the best plants for low light areas.

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    45 products
    Arrowhead Vine 'Berry Allusion'
    Arrowhead Vine 'Bob Allusion'
    Arrowhead Vine 'Gold Allusion'
    Arrowhead Vine 'Mango Allusion'
    Arrowhead Vine 'Strawberry Cream'
    Arrowhead Vine 'White Butterfly'
    Birdsnest Snake Plant 'Laurentii'
    Boston Fern 'Fluffy Ruffles'
    Cast Iron Plant
    Chinese Evergreen 'Golden Papaya'
    Chinese Evergreen 'Lucky Red'
    Chinese Evergreen 'Super Maria'
    Crocodile Fern
    Dieffenbachia 'Camille'
    Golden Pothos
    Heart Fern
    Homalomena 'Selby'
    Kentia Palm
    Lemon Button Fern
    Parlour Palm
    Peace Lily 'Dario'
    Peace Lily 'Platinum Mist'
    Pothos 'Exotica'
    Pothos 'Jade'
    Pothos 'Marble Queen'
    Pothos 'N Joy'
    Pothos 'Neon'
    Pothos 'Snow Queen'
    Rabbit's Foot Fern
    Satin Pothos
    Snake Plant 'Black Coral'
    Snake Plant 'Black Gold'
    Snake Plant 'Black Moon'
    Snake Plant 'Black Star'
    Snake Plant 'Blue Star'
    Snake Plant 'Bob'
    Snake Plant 'Gold Flame'
    Snake Plant 'Moonshine'
    Snake Plant 'Siebert Starburst'
    Snake Plant 'Twisted Sister'

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    Dyna-Gro Orchid-Pro 7-8-6
    Kelp Boost 0-0-5
    Large Clay Pellets (LECA) 3L
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