White Bird-of-Paradise

SKU: 1721172
White Bird-of-Paradise

White Bird-of-Paradise

SKU: 1721172
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Strelitzia nicolai

  • Tropical tree with large, lush, banana-like foliage.
  • Mature plants produce flowers that look identical to the classic bird-of-paradise, except white.
  • Grown primarily for the foliage since plants rarely bloom indoors.


  • Light: Bright, with some direct sun (east or west window).
  • Water: Allow the top 30% of soil to dry between watering; avoid overwatering or allowing the soil to remain dry for an extended period.
  • Fertilizer: Use an all-purpose fertilizer such as Schultz Indoor Plant Food (10-15-10) once or twice monthly.
  • Other tips: Avoid placing near heat registers; the edges of leaves can burn under very low humidity. Grows best in an undersized pot; use well-drained potting mix; we recommend Pro-Mix Tropical Plant Mix with extra perlite added.

*Please note we do not ship live plants. All plants must be picked up in-store or curbside.

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