Hawaiian Palm

SKU: 233513770
Hawaiian Palm

Hawaiian Palm

SKU: 233513770
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Brighamia insignis

  • Rare and unique succulent found only in Hawaii, where it is thought to bring luck to lovers.
  • The crown of leaves at the top will be accompanied by beautiful, large, yellow flowers on mature plants.
  • Has a thick caudex ("trunk").
  • This species is almost extinct in the wild, due to the extinction of its sole pollinator, a type of moth, thanks to habitat destruction. Our plants are nursery propagated, so growing one will help preserve the species!


  • Light: Bright, indirect (east window). Direct hot afternoon sun may scorch the leaves.
  • Water: Water when the soil has dried halfway in spring and summer. Allow the soil to dry completely between watering in winter. 
  • Fertilizer: Use a general purpose fertilizer such as Schultz Liquid Plant Food (10-15-10) up to twice monthly in spring and summer.
  • Other tips: Grows best in an undersized pot. Use sharply-drained potting mix; we recommend Pro-Mix Cactus & Succulent Mix with extra perlite and small Orchiata added. This plant rots very easily when overwatered. If complete leaf drop occurs in winter, keep dry until growth resumes or the caudex shrivels.

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