String of Dolphins

SKU: 589967221
String of Dolphins

String of Dolphins

SKU: 589967221
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Senecio peregrinus

  • Popular trailing succulent with blue-green leaves that resemble tiny leaping dolphins.
  • Also produces flowers in fall, which resemble white puffballs.
  • Looks great trailing from a hanging basket in a bright location.


  • Light: Bright with some direct sun (east, west, or south window).
  • Water: Allow the soil to completely dry out between watering. Avoid overwatering. If plants are left dry for too long, the leaves will pucker.
  • Fertilizer: Use an all-purpose fertilizer such as Schultz Indoor Plant Food (10-15-10) once or twice monthly.
  • Other tips: Does best in an undersized pot; use sharply-drained potting mix such as Pro-Mix Cactus & Succulent Mix with extra perlite and small Orchiata added.

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