SunBlaster T5 Strip Light

SKU: 10980900268
SunBlaster T5 Strip Light

SunBlaster T5 Strip Light

SKU: 10980900268
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T5 fluorescent strip lights are an economical way to start your own seeds and grow many different types of plants indoors. 

  • Excellent for most growing applications
  • Available in several lengths
  • 6400K colour temperature
  • Up to 5 units can be daisy-chained together for expanded coverage
  • Includes T5 high-output tube, ballast, 6 ft. power cord with on/off switch, 14" link cord, 2 flush mounting clips, and 2 hanging clips
  • Wattage: 17W (18"), 24W (24"), 39W (36"), 54W (48")
  • Output: 1581 lumens (18"), 2232 lumens (24"), 3627 lumens (36"), 5022 lumens (48")
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