Dendrobium Orchid (Nobile Hybrid)

SKU: 1288SC200
Dendrobium Orchid (Nobile Hybrid)

Dendrobium Orchid (Nobile Hybrid)

SKU: 1288SC200
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Dendrobium spp.

  • Wonderfully fragrant, showy flowers are produced along cane-like pseudobulbs, usually in winter.
  • The canes drop their leaves after 1-2 years, but will continue to flower afterwards.
  • Pet-friendly!


  • Light: Bright to very bright, with some direct sun (west or south window). Leaves may bleach, but rarely scorch, under intense light.
  • Water: Allow potting mix to dry to dampness between watering. In winter, water just enough to keep the newest pseudobulbs from shriveling.
  • Fertilizer: Use an orchid fertilizer such as Jack's 30-10-10 according to package instructions. Withhold fertilizer in winter.
  • Other tips: Provide a cooler, drier winter rest with no fertilizer to encourage reblooming. Plants should be potted into undersized containers in which the roots fit snuggly; use an orchid mix such as Orchiata Power or Willgro General Mix for mature plants.

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