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SKU: 1676006
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Pinguicula sp.

  • Carnivorous plant which produces a compact rosette of sticky leaves.
  • The leaves act as a "flypaper trap" which capture and digest flying insects; popular as a natural fungus gnat control in homes and greenhouses.
  • Also produces beautiful violet flowers throughout the year.


  • Light: Bright; tolerates almost full sun. Does well in windowsills or under grow lights.
  • Water: Keep evenly moist to wet; can be stood in a shallow tray of water (1/4" deep) if desired. Do not allow to dry out. Use only rainwater, distilled or reverse osmosis water. Do NOT use tap water or bottled spring water.
  • Fertilizer: Do NOT fertilize. Plants usually do not need to be fed insects by hand, as they will get enough on their own from the environment.
  • Other tips: Prefers high humidity, but adapts well to household humidity. Excellent in terrariums. Use a well-drained potting mix that is fertilizer-free; a mixture of 50% peat moss and 50% perlite, or pure New Zealand sphagnum moss works well. We sell tropical types that do not require winter dormancy.

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