Potting Soil/Media

Potting Soil/Media

22 products
    Healthy plants start with healthy roots! Browse our selection of premium potting soils and specialty media.

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    22 products
    Beats Peat Mini (4L)
    Coconut Husk Chunks & Fibre 3L
    Large Clay Pellets (LECA) 3L
    Large Perlite 3L
    Medium Horticultural Charcoal 3L
    Orchiata (Classic Grade)
    Orchiata (Power + Grade)
    Orchiata (Power Grade)
    Pro-Mix HP + Biostimulant
    Pro-Mix Premium African Violet Mix
    Pro-Mix Premium Cactus Mix
    Pro-Mix Premium Potting Mix
    Pro-Mix Premium Tropical Plant Mix
    Professional Bonsai Potting Mix
    Pumice 3L
    Small Lava Rock 3L
    Spagmoss New Zealand Sphagnum Moss
    Willgro Cymbidium Orchid Media 3L
    Willgro Fine Orchid Media 3L
    Willgro General Orchid Mix 3L
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