Grow Lighting

Grow Lighting

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    Whether you are starting seeds indoors or growing houseplants, proper lighting is a crucial requirement that can't be overlooked. We're here to help with quality horticultural lighting solutions.

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    12 products
    Agrobrite Dayspot Grow Light (150W eq.)
    Agrobrite Desktop LED Grow Light (14W)
    Agrobrite Fluorowing 125W CFL System
    Agrobrite Standing LED Grow Lamp (14W)
    Dual-Outlet Analog Timer
    SunBlaster 13W CFL Bulb (4/pk)
    SunBlaster 26W CFL Bulb
    SunBlaster 52W CFL Bulb
    SunBlaster Prism LED Strip Light
    SunBlaster T5 Strip Light
    SunBlaster T5LED Conversion Lamp
    SunBlaster Universal T5 Stand
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